The Republic Of French is one of the most travelled countries in the world and especially in the Europe. It is estimated that every year over 100 million of tourists visits French every year.

Tourism is an important factor and it contributes up to 8 % of GDP of the economy. Therefore, it is very much evident on why the government stress on improving the tourism of the country. France has a diverse geography and ranges from gentle hills to snowy mountains. While each of the major cities has important architectures that you can visit this year. Of course there are important monuments such as Eiffel Towers, Norte Dame etc.

In this article, this we will make a list of famous monuments of France. Let’s look at some of the best from France in below.

# Mont Saint Michel

This is important and extremely popular in France. It is set up on a small rocky island in a small village of French and built like a fortress.

# Cite of Carcassonne

This site is another important landmark in French. It is located in the city of Carcassonne, and on the hill and is surrounded by river Aude.

# Pont du Gard

This monument is a historic site that was built during the reign of the Roman Empire. This bridge was used to supply water to the Roman colony of Nemausus. The bridge flows over the Gardon River in the southern part of France.  It is known as the best-preserved and the highest bridge to be built.

# Rocamadour

This ancient monument is one the most famous monuments of France. It was one of the important cultural and religion buildings. It can be accessed via the Grand Esaclier staircase. And it includes the important Chapelle Notre-Dame and the Gothic Basilica of St Sauveur.

# Padirac

Padirac is one of the amazing natural monuments in the world. The chasm is over 100 m deep and has a radius of 16.5 m. The cave can be accessed via boat before descending 75 m to the cave system. It is one of the visited tourist facilities with over 40000 visitors annually.


These are some of the sought out and the famous monuments of France. And if you are visiting France, then it highly recommended to visit these places.

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