It is interesting to explore the design of websites associated to a certain category. There are many collections out there that showcase websites from certain areas, and today I want to share a couple of designs of websites from the interior design category.

As one might assume, the level of design might be pretty interesting since there should be a tight connection between the sense of design applied in interior design or architecture and web design. The fundamental design principles that come with the knowledge of an interior designer can only be helpful when used in designing a page (or letting a page be designed).

I was curious to which extend designers of real objects and interior designers let their skill be reflected in their websites. One would expect that especially in this category, designs would be expressive and unique.

Unfortunately, not many designers seem to recognize the importance of an intriguing web presence. Most of the websites of interior designers seem outdated and don’t show much of a design spirit. But there are also some that show a reflection of style and do that in a quite fashionable and interesting way.

This collection consists of some furniture store websites, portfolios and interior design blogs. Take a look:

A beautiful example of a contemporary and uncluttered look with the focus on the design elements with an elegant product catalogue.

Atelier expresses it’s design direction beautifully with it’s website. Note, how the soft green complements the warm colors of the photos that represent the design choices. Also, a lot of black element are used which get’s reflected in the main color choice of the website. And check out that smooth fade in effect of the menu.

The website of Bentheim is a nice example of a minimalistic style that focuses on representing the design direction by it’s images.

Flash with nice usage example of pattern and light fonts.

This one has some interesting navigation animations.

Flash used very nicely, check out the navigation as part of the room.

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