If you want to how much do real estate agent make? It is estimated that a regular agent earns about $ 50,000 while the earing can go up to $ 100,000.
Real Estate is one of the highest paying jobs around the world. Therefore, it is one of the attracting jobs in the world and it’s quite popular among people as it enables them to earn lucrative sums of money in term of agent fees and salary.
An agent can work as a freelancer if he/she has rich experience under their belt.

Is it is hard to make a mark in the market?

The reason is that nobody wants to do business with an amateur. Therefore, it is recommended to join a real estate company as a real estate agent to gain hands-on experience.

To be a really successful real one has to be well equipped in business and economics, communication and negotiations skills etc.
Let’s look at the factors that broadly affects the payment of a real estate agent.

Real Estate Commission

The commission is one of the best ways a real estate agent earn money in real-time. The rate of commission varies from location to location. For example, if you strike a deal to sell a property worth $60,000 then you bank 6 % commission rate. However, if you are you make a deal of $ 30,000 then you might bank a 3% commission.

Work Ethics

Work Ethics can play a major role in describing how much do real estate agent make? Like most of the business professional, it requires to work your ass off to earn handsome money in this profession. It is important to impress your bosses so that you are being preferred. It is estimated that you can earn up to $10,0000 a year by working for 60 hours a week.


A real estate company which pockets greater profit can also earn you higher commission rates. Therefore, agents in companies and markets earn more than their counterpart earning in different markets.


These above factors greatly affect how much a real estate agent can earn money in a year. Also, it is important to create a strong profile in this background. Hope you found this article informative.

Vijay De
I have associated with the real estate industry for a long period. My main strengths are deep market study, investing opportunities and buying tips. Vijay De is here to support and provide you with valuable information.

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