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Interior Designers in Kochi, Kerala

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Architect Career Guide

People nowadays want their homes to be perfect and attractive both. The demand of architect is increasing day by day and also the architecture salary in India. In this article we are going to tell you about the architecture field.

Architects design & plan factories, houses, offices and other structures.

Duties of Architects:

  • Prepare structure specifications.
  • Manage construction contracts
  • Give preliminary estimates on cost and construction time.
  • Meet the clients to understand the objective.
  • Guide the workers who prepare documents and drawings.
  • Prepare contract documents.
  • Visit worksite to see the work.
  • Look for the new projects.
  • Manage the client’s issues.

Architects work on both outdoor and indoor projects, they design places for people to live, work, have fun and take rest. Some architects let clients customize the project according to their preferences only, and in some cases they have some pre designed projects which they show to the clients, if the clients like it then they build the project to their own working style. Architect has to manage every little task related to the building. He also needs to calculate the cost of making and all the materials. Architects have to work with the client till the contract date.

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Education for Architects – Bachelor’s degree in architecture is must. You can do internships during or after the degree. You need to have some practical experience for being associated with a good construction company.

Some state may require license to work as an architect. You can get it by filling form. Some qualities needed for this profession are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Creativity
  • Visualization Skills
  • Technical Skills.

Salary – Architecture salary in India differs from people to people and company to company. The average salary you can expect is Rs. 50,000 and above. You can get more if you have experience. By doing additional courses you can improve your CV and expect higher salary.

Many people work for government contracts also. It depends on your choice, whether you want to open your own firm or work with other companies or in government projects. You can choose any line for your career.

Architects make the home a place of living and making memories. The architecture salary in India depends on how good they are at their work. We hope this article will help you to decide that whether you want this profession of architecture as your career or not. Choose wisely.